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The wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library is a lightweight SSL library written in ANSI standard C and targeted for embedded and RTOS environments - primarily because of its small size, speed, and feature set. It is commonly used in standard operating environments as well because of ...

Freeware  3,969k 566 wolfSSL

Compatible Optimizer

With Compatible Optimizer you can: * Find swf files in your selected directory. * Find all swf files in your selected logic driver and other movable drivers,include hidden directory of system. * Identify the bad files,optimized files,normal files automatically,and show them with different icons. * ...

Shareware  3,350k 935 Swishsoft
Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows (for Microsoft VC compatible compilers)

Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows (for Microsoft VC compatible compilers)

Packet Sniffer SDK (PSSDK) is the most powerful component suite for network packet capture in Windows OS family environment.The main features of the Packet Sniffer SDK library are:No pre-installed packet drivers are required;Packet Sniffer SDK works fine on Gigabit networks;Packet Sniffer SDK supports all modern ...

Shareware  583k 1253 microOLAP Technologies LTD

Lese, an escript compatible UO emulator

Lese is an escript compatible VM, intended to be the core of a UO server emulator POL compatible

Freeware  21k 272


This project is intended to create a free Windows based UI for command line openssl operations. Currently a UI has been developed with Windows WPF. Existing code needs some code cleanups. The source and binaries are available for download.

Freeware  838k 485

Patch for GAIM to support OpenSSL

Due to GNU-TLS is pretty much up to the task now. This project has been stopped.It is a patch for GAIM to suport OpenSSL.Binary is for Slackware 9.1 and depends on OpenSSL >= 0.9.7c, and gtkspell >= 2.0.4

Freeware  2,832k 335

Perl Compatible Reg. Expressions in Ch

The ChPcre package is a Ch binding to the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (Pcre) library. ChPcre enables all functions in the Pcre library for use in Ch.With ChPcre, these functions can run in Ch interpretively without compilation.

Freeware  97k 256

Convenient Encryption using OpenSSL

This software adds OpenSSL encryption and decryption commands to the menuthat pops up when you right-click on a file or folder in WindowsXP/Vista/7. To encrypt or decrypt a file or folder, just right-click onit and select the desired command. Convenient Windows Explorer menu items to ...

Freeware  27k 219

IIS URL-rewrite (mod_rewrite-com patible)

IIS URL-rewriter (mod_rewrite-compatible) is open-source URL-manipulation ISAPI-filter designed for Microsoft IIS and inspired by Apache mod_rewrite written by Ralf Engelschall. It is aimed to be as much powerfull as mod_rewrite as it possible

Freeware  191k 621

TLS: OpenSSL Tcl Extension

TLS is an OpenSSL / RSA-bsafe Tcl extension that provides secure connections on top of the Tcl socket mechanism. Within a few lines of code, users can query https servers (see the tclhttpd project for an https server using TLS).

Freeware  344k 375

Pyrus - PEAR compatible packages

Pyrus - Various PEAR compatible packages developed and used to increase rapid application development. All packages are designed with possible inclusion into the PEAR repository in mind, and are coded and documented according to PEAR standards.

Freeware  4k 253

WinZip Compatible Compression ActiveX

Affordable, advanced Zip ActiveX Component with many features: Open a Zip on the Web.Openand read or unzip the contents of a Zip file from a URL. Standard WinZip Password-ProtectionisSupported. Create or open/decrypt password-protected Zips. OpenFromMemory Allowsyouto open a Zip that is stored in your program's ...

Shareware  2,000k 1111 Chilkat Software Inc

XMicro Internet Privacy (vista compatible)

TotalPrivacy helps you maintain your privacy by cleaning up all the traces of your Internet and computer activity. It helps you erase data you may have entered like personal information, password in online forms, typed URLs in your browser address bar, websites visited (IE History), ...

Shareware  10k 583 XMicro LLC

XMicro AntiSpam (Vista compatible)

Anti Spam automatically identifies and moves spam mails into a special Spam folder and ensures that only legitimate mail reaches your Inbox. As the mail arrives in the Process folder, it is immediately scanned for all the SPAM signature sets in the XMicro database and ...

Shareware  10k 543 XMicro LLC

Xbase (formerly XDB) - Xbase compatible

Xbase (formerly known as xdb, also formerly known as xBase) is a collection of specifiations, programs, utilities and a C++ class library for manipulating Xbase type datafiles and indices.

Freeware  416k 234

Shell Compatible Wildcards

A platform-independent implementation of shell wildcards matching, implemented in C/C++, expressing a C-API.

Freeware  948k 201


Automatic making of backup copies. Wizards, task panes, quick access, scheduler, alerts, multylanguage, drag-drop support, composing name by files date and version, zip-compatible backups, password protection, XP themes support and more... For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Shareware  1,109k 872 AQTech

StarBurn SDK

Rocket Division Software's StarBurn SDK (Software Development Kit) is world most advanced CD/DVD Burning, Grabbing and Mastering Toolkit. Features are: All MMC compatible CD/DVD recorders (CD-R/W, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W and DVD-RAM) are supported UDF file system mastering (UDF 1.02, 1.50 and 2.01) ISO9660 file system mastering ...

Shareware  2,222k 1014 RocketDivision Com


Graphest Sharptype is a filter plug-in for Photoshop, it mainly concerns on generating ultra-clear type at small point sizes in Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, PHOTO- PAINT, Painter or any compatible host. Sharptype can provide far sharper type than the built-in Photoshop engine, which will ...

Shareware  1,891k 1443 Microworld Software


What is BtoCAD?BtoCAD is a highly cost-effective CAD 2D drawing program, which is suitable for all industries. With an affordable price, BtoCAD is fully compatible with AutoCAD 2.5 to 2007.It is perfect for following industries:- Architecture - Furniture and decoration - Manufacturing- Machine- Electronics- Telecom- ...

Commercial  47,628k 830 YuanFang Software
EMS Data Pump for PostgreSQL

EMS Data Pump for PostgreSQL

EMS Data Pump for PostgreSQL is an excellent utility for converting databases and importing table data from an ADO-compatible source (e.g. MS Access, MS SQL database or any other database with ADO support) to PostgreSQL databases. Easy-to-use wizard application allows you to build the ADO ...

Shareware  6,290k 2152 EMS Database Management Solutions Inc

Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon

This is the PRNGD "Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon". It offers an EGD compatible interface to obtain random data and is intended to be used as an entropy source to feed other software, especially software based on OpenSSL.

Freeware  75k 344


MaxVeloSSD Highest performance SSD caching with additional RAM. 30 day Trial, available in 4 Editions. Personal, Professional, Enterprise and DataCenter. Accelerate Applications, maximize IOPS and MBPS on any size Data or System Volume. Use any size SSD to assign total or partially as cache, an integrated ...

Shareware  103,601k 576 EliteBytes limited
StarFilter Pro 4

StarFilter Pro 4

StarFilter Pro 4 is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop / PHOTO-PAINT, and 8bf-compatible image editors that you can use to add strikingly beautiful star filter effects to your images digitally, without the use of cumbersome glass filters! This plugin offers you the ability ...

Shareware  32,155k 543 ProDigital Software
FreeCell Wizard

FreeCell Wizard

FreeCell Wizard is a solitaire game that includes the popular game FreeCell and 15 other similar games, such as Sea(haven) Towers, Double FreeCell, and Penguin. It features lush graphics, large easy-to-read cards, sound, in-depth statistics, and a wizard that allows you to create your own ...

Shareware  4,221k 1423 Goodsol Development Inc


Multi-purpose text and automation utility. KeyText stores boilerplate text, ready to be typed or pasted into any application by a simple hotkey press, trigger text (abbreviation), or menu selection. "Right-click anywhere" feature makes form-filling easier than ever. Include commands to run programs, click buttons, change ...

Shareware  2,740k 1770 MJMSoft Design Ltd


TrayDay - date, calendar, week number and counter utility for the Windows tray, or Windows XP Notification area. TrayDay places an icon showing the date (day of the month) in the system tray. The icon resembles a page of a "tear-off" calendar. You can therefore ...

Shareware  1,333k 1765 MJMSoft Design Ltd
Link Maven

Link Maven

Link Maven is a parallel link file transfer tool for Windows 95 - Vista. Connect two PCs together with a Laplink/Interlnk compatible cable and copy, move, & delete files and directories between them. Also connects to DOS/Win 3.1 PCs. Supports 4-bit connections through the printer ...

Shareware  957k 1458 Briggs Softworks

Stay Connected

Tired of being cut-off while downloading or writing an email? As seen on ZD TV and PCWorld. Keep connected without ever being cut off. Stay Connected! can help solve all your disconnection problems. With multiple options to choose from, no matter how your ISP tries ...

Shareware  1,860k 1681 inKline Global Inc

Dragon Deep Internet Search Tool

Greatly enhance your search results! Find the hard to find information you need faster and search less to find what you need. IE and Netscape compatible! Free unlimited engine updates.

Shareware  3,081k 1824 D E Waterfield
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